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Frequently Asked Questions


Purchase a K&N Filter Cleaner Kit with the filter oil in Aerosol (spray) can.

Step 1. - Tip filter upside down and tap the butt end of filter with the handle of a screw driver. Keep taping until dirt stops falling out.

Step 2. - Spray filter cleaner (soap) into inlet of filter, inlet is the same side the sticker is on, through the 3" rubber flange.

Step 3. - Spray filter completely with soap and let it soak for 1 minute.

Step 4. - Run water (use garden hose or sink) through back end of filter (opposite of air flow) and flush out the soap and dirt.

Step 5. - Repeat steps 2,3 and 4.

Step 6. - Let filter dry naturally (do not use a blow dryer) this may take 10-12 hours, it's best to wash filter and night, so it will be dry in the morning.

Step 7. - Make sure filter is totally dry before oiling. Filter should appear white.

Step 8. - Spray oil through inlet until filter is totally covered in oil, do not excessively oil filter. Do a light spraying and let filter sit for 1 minute. The oil will travel and soak its way through the cotton gauze, if the filter is not totally red in color spray it some more oil and let it set for 1 minutes. ( Filter should appear red in color)

Filter should be cleaned every 6 months to a year.