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Home of the Best Cold Air Intake Systems Available!
The One and Only Jet Stream™ Intake Systems Available for Cars and Now Harley Davidson Motorcycles!

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PRM - Skies the Limit!

Our Flagship Honda S2000 Kit - 10 years & Counting
Our #1 Selling Intake System
PRM was founded in 1996 by Gerry Sica inventor of the patented in-line filter named Jet Stream™ Intake System. The award winning filter design received high acclaim at the 97 SEMA show and was featured in many performance magazines. Our in-line filters accomplish 3 fundamental duties in the performance arena.
  • Cleans incoming air with free flowing washable cotton gauze media
  • Draws ambient air safely with no hydro-lock issues;rain safe
  • Speeds up air flow with its tapered velocity stack design= more Torque & H.P


Air flow does not like to make directional changes, the more turns it has to make the slower it will
travel. By removing your stock paper air filter & box; which makes air turn a considerable amount
before entering the motor & replacing it with our patented in-line filters will create a performance gain. Air that travels through a Jet Stream Intake System does so with little directional change & with it’s tapered velocity stack design creating a Venturi effect ( speeds up air) puts this unique filter in a league of its own with its unmatched performance gain. The sound of a Jetstream Intake System is among the best in the business, At idle & low rpm’s it’s very quite; but step on the hammer & it sounds like a tuned race car. The only thing that sounds sweeter is a Yoshi exhaust. In true racing conditions you can create a ram air set-up by simply using an inlet funnel or scoop, doesn't get any better than that. So if you're interested in buying the best cold air intake system available on the market today - LOOK NO FURTHER!


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