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Customer Review

First off I'd like to say that I'm 69 years old,I've been riding since 1968 & I have owned 13 motorcycles in my life time; My last four have been Harleys. My current bike is a 2012 Fat Boy, I ran it stock for about 8 months before adding my upgrades. I purchased a PRM Harley intake , Vance & Hines 2 into 1 Exhaust & a Terry Components TV-3 engine management system. All three products were installed at the same time. I quickly realized how well my bike was running with the changes- more power- smoother running engine-better idle-better throttle response- no popping after closed throttle deceleration, I have to say I love the way my bike runs; best running bike I've ever owned. But what really astonished me was my gas mileage increase. My bike is equipped with a fuel range display that digitally displays the approximate mileage available with the amount of fuel left in tank. When the bike was stock the numbers on the display would read 190-198 miles after fill up & as you ride the number go down accordingly.After installing all three components I noticed something very strange; after filling up my 5 gallon tank, the numbers would go to there original setting, as I'm riding, to my astonishment the numbers started going up & up until they stopped at 230 before descending. I would think the computer is recalibrating the numbers because of the efficiency of the products. Another mileage increase fact; I did a straight long run went 250 miles on a full tank; pulled over to get gas & still had almost half a tank of fuel left. When the bike was stock I could only get about 210 miles on a straight run. My assumption is that all three of these components work great together & make my bike run very efficient. Hence the gas mileage. When the bike was stock I didn't get that many compliments, but now with the PRM intake on it, people are constantly telling me how nice my bike looks…

Thanks for making a great product.

Tony V.

Received the jet stream yesterday, and had it installed within the hour, while at work! About 24 minutes of time including removal of stock airbox and installation of PRM intake. I wanted to thank you for the prompt service and especially thank you for a wonderful sounding intake. Purrs like a hungry kitten! My two year old son loves the way daddy's car sounds! He gets so excited, shouting "WEEEEEE!" when the revs go up!

Thank you so much for the beautiful design and tone of the PRM Jet Stream Intake, and bringing smiles to both my son and I.

Robert Bruce

Musician, Instrument Tech, Audio Engineer
Warehouse Manager @

Magazine Review

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(MaxSpeed Article)
The 1997 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Best New Street Performance Award Winner was the PRM Jet Stream™ Intake System. This patented system includeds a step-down silicone intake tube and an inline funnel filter that also reduces its size from the inlet to outlet. This reduction in both the filter and tube increases the velocity of the incoming air. Many aftermarket systems just offer a large pipe that increases volume but reduces velocity. When that happens, peak horsepower is increased but at the cost of low-end torque.


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