93-99 VW VR6 Pro Kit

Parts Included:

1 - Jet Stream Filter
1 - Silicone reducer
1 - 4" hose clamp
2 - 3" hose clamps
1 - 3" inlet pipe
1 - Filter bracket
1 - Air pump filter

The silicone reducer is available in RED, YELLOW or BLUE


Remove stock air filter box and disconnect air pump hose.

Remove air pump hose and place small filter on existing pipe and tighten clamps.

Remove Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) from stock intake hose.

Place filter bracket over the front (inlet) of MAF and place silicone reducer over the MAF.
It's reccomended that you have someone hold the MAF firmly on a table and rub some oil around the 3" side of silicone reducer to help it slide over the MAF.

Place filter bracket on existing bolts on side of strut tower and tighten with stock nuts.

Connect stock intake hose to the MAF and tighten clamp.

Place the 3" inlet pipe into the front end of the filter and tighten.

Make sure everything is aligned and tighten clamps.