96-99 Civic Ex Race Kit
Parts Included:

1 - Jet Stream Filter
1 - Silicone Intake Hose
1 - Polished down pipe
1 - 2.5" hose clamp
1 - 3.5" hose clamp
1 - 10mm bolt and washer
1 - Nut and bolt
2 - Brackets
Bracket # 1


Bracket # 2



Remove stock air filter box and resonator tub. Disconnect breather hose and air temperature sensor from stock intake hose.

Place breather tube in silicone hose nipple closest to the throttle body.

Places the 2.5" small end of silicone hose on the throttle body with 2.5" hose clamp attached, do not tighten until entire system is aligned.

Place Jet Stream Filter on end of silicone. Makse sure to have 4" hose clamp and bracket #1 attached on end of silicone hose. Barcket should face towards the filters.

Place bracket # 2 in existing threaded hole with 10 mm bolt and washer.

Fasten both brackets together with nuts and bolts and tighten.

Place down pipe into esixting 3" hole and connect it to end of filter flange.

Place air temperature sensor in nipple furthest away from the throttle body, ahead of breather hose nipple.

Make sure everything is aligned and tighten all clamps.