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About PRM!

PRM was founded by Gerry Sica in 1996 ;in the infancy years of the Sport Compact Performance scene. The company began as a local Performance Shop selling, fabricating & installing aftermarket parts. All the intakes available at the time were basically aluminum pipes with a cone filter on the end drawing in under hood hot air.

Understanding performance, Gerry set out to design his own intake system to address the two most fundamental aspects of making power with an intake system; make the engine draw in cold ambient air & create a controlled velocity to extract the most torque & power out of any engine.

In 1997 Gerry issued a Patent for his new creation named Jet Stream™ Intake System , the name suited the product for its striking resemblance of a jet engine. Launching his product at the 1997 Las Vegas SEMA Show, the system received high acclaim & won an award.

For over 12 years PRM has been providing the best cold air intake systems available on the market, with thousands of satisfied customers,this can be attested by the amount of customers that release Youtube video's of our products. Only problem is the intakes on a car are under the hood so most of these video's are for sound demonstrations only. All our customers love the sound of our jet stream intake system, it has a very tuned sound with a beautiful note,I guess the motors letting you know its happy making that extra power.

The Dawn of a New Era...
In 2012 PRM launched a new intake system for Harley Davidson Motorcycles, the system made its introduction at the 2012 V-Twin Show in Cinnicinatti & again; received high acclaim. The product really turned heads at the show, so much so, that 3 independently shot product release video's were taken, one of which you can see on this page by Two Wheel Thunder Tv.

"When a new an exciting product comes around, people notice."   - Gerry Sica


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